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artists with biggest dick energy:
-freddie mercury
-connie converse
-indigo girls
-john denver

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mooooooooooom phineas and ferb are eating the rich

me: he said hes not mad at me and ive done literally nothing to him to my knowledge
myself: but how do you know hes not lying
me: *remembering hes the most two faced person in the world probably* you stop that

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1980s rapper: im a funky guy and a real fun dude, it's time to feel that hip hop groove

2010s rapper: xans in my lean all day long (day long). she eat my ass like chain chomp (ouch)

2040s rapper: yeah baby yeah. its austin powers baby. i endorse bernie sanders for president baby

i hate that guy who comes up whenever im looking for special sdv events n stuff i dont want to do hes such an asshole but like i gotta watch SOMEONE put the mayors underwear as their grange box display

dad there is a monster under my bed!
people who cheat on their stardew valley spouse

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EVERYBODY SHUT UP IM STIMMING!!! *blasts music at full volume directly into my ears, killing me instantly*

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Artist Vanessa Bell's jacket design for her sister, Virginia Woolf's book "The Years," Hogarth Press, 1937 #womensart

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havent gone insane just listening to irish folk again

HIIIIde diddlyidedumdiddlydudulideldum diddilydo di diddlyiday

@blanketfort u and the driving gays are what holds this community together thank u for yr service

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