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hi everyone! im implementing a new rule after talking with some of our mods and mod gen. long story short, we're all absolutely tired of drama between honey and berries. i'm not asking everyone here to like berries or their mods, but i am asking you to:
-keep berries drama to a minimum, and if you must:
-make it unlisted!
-put it under a cw. "drama" will work
thank you all. i want this to be a positive space and for you guys to not waste your time and energy hating them at least on here

the luncheon kingdom is my exact aesthetic. low poly soupcore

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artists with biggest dick energy:
-freddie mercury
-connie converse
-indigo girls
-john denver

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mooooooooooom phineas and ferb are eating the rich

me: he said hes not mad at me and ive done literally nothing to him to my knowledge
myself: but how do you know hes not lying
me: *remembering hes the most two faced person in the world probably* you stop that

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1980s rapper: im a funky guy and a real fun dude, it's time to feel that hip hop groove

2010s rapper: xans in my lean all day long (day long). she eat my ass like chain chomp (ouch)

2040s rapper: yeah baby yeah. its austin powers baby. i endorse bernie sanders for president baby

i hate that guy who comes up whenever im looking for special sdv events n stuff i dont want to do hes such an asshole but like i gotta watch SOMEONE put the mayors underwear as their grange box display

dad there is a monster under my bed!
people who cheat on their stardew valley spouse

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EVERYBODY SHUT UP IM STIMMING!!! *blasts music at full volume directly into my ears, killing me instantly*

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Artist Vanessa Bell's jacket design for her sister, Virginia Woolf's book "The Years," Hogarth Press, 1937 #womensart

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havent gone insane just listening to irish folk again

HIIIIde diddlyidedumdiddlydudulideldum diddilydo di diddlyiday

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