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- COMMISSIONS! [thread] -
i'm Glass and i need money. i'm a broke-ass college student, majoring in Game art, and i will love you forever if you pay me for art.


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new time for me i guess :squints: anyways! i'm glass/seth. i'm an 18 year old trans guy. i'm attending college for game art in colorado! i've been drawing for like 10 yrs. my pronound are it/he but like strangers only refer to me as 'it' thanks :beerified: a honey original

here's another alex from karb. this one is bad end nashbored alex ......hhuuiguhuiofgiog (also these are

here i'll post stuff from my alex folder i love him

wadda hale whys my toot count going down >:(

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idk if ive said this information here but the purple stripe in the bi flag does not stand for non binary people, because that implies that the pink and blue stand for men and women. the pink stands for attraction to the same gender, the blue for attraction to other genderS, and the purple is for both and how that makes us who we are as individuals and as a community. the bi in bisexual was reclaimed not to mean “men and women” but to mean “same and other”

reposted because i forgot discord shows peoples whole tag

i'm just a goblin who love good video game

my 666th one should be about karbonic. in honor.

im 4 toots away from 666. 3 now. i dont think i can legally make more past that point

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(opens discord)

discord splash screen: YOU!!! ARE A GAMER. GAMER.

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people keep saying they don’t “just want a liberal trump” but imo if we had a president who sat around all day shitposting and making fun of their enemies and underlings but wasn’t racist that would fuckin rule

i cant believe i didnt post this last night. alex asboth deserves love

fun fact: i am hyperventilating from joy

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